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Liberty Miller


Liberty is currently a trainee and a research associate with our team and she regularly assists and shadows Counsel at sports law disciplinary hearings. Liberty graduated in 2020 with an LLB honours Law degree from the University of Kent. After studying sports law as an elective module at undergraduate level, she was motivated to pursue the field, joining the International Sports Law in Practice LLM programme at Sheffield Hallam University full time in September 2020. The Masters has helped develop expertise in the regulation of sport, advocacy and litigation in sporting disputes, developing particular focus on anti-doping law through participation in a mock litigation scenario before the Court of Arbitration for Sport to practise pre-trial behaviour and advance written and oral submissions as part of the clinical aspect of the course.

Liberty is currently partaking in a research assistant placement with the Pro Bono Legal Service of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, providing the opportunity to apply the procedural and substantive aspects of sports law studied, in a practical setting. She has assisted in workshops providing support in the application of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s updated Anti-Doping Code and applicable case law.
Liberty has further particular interest in the field of discrimination in sport and is currently working on her dissertation research into the discrimination against athletes with differences of sex development, analysing the World Athletics eligibility regulations for the female classification, to complete her Masters.

Liberty  Miller
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